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Athletic Training Information and Services available for Visiting Teams

for the 2017-18 academic year.

Athletic Training Information and Services available for Visiting Teams

Welcome to York College of Pennsylvania.  In preparation for your upcoming competition(s), please note the following information.

Athletic Training Staff:

Head Athletic Trainer:                       

Nathan Cooke, MS, ATC, LAT                                                                              

Office: 717-815-1962               


Associate Athletic Trainer:           

Jennifer Robertson, MS, ATC, LAT, PES                

Office: 717-815-6610


Assistant Athletic Trainer:           

Jason Dubs

Office: 717-815-6665


Intern Athletic Trainer:                       

Molly Parsons                                  

Office: 717-815-6646


On-Call Cell: 717-815-6465

Athletic Training Room Phone Number: 717-815-1735

Athletic Training Room Fax Number:  717-849-1674


Other Medical Information:


York Hospital                                                      

Info: 717-851-2345


Team Orthopedic Physicians:           

Michael Sicuranza, M.D.  - Office: 717-848-4800

William Ulmer, M.D.  -  Office: 717-848-4800

Brian Bixler, M.D. -  Office: 717-848-4800


Team Family Physician:                       

 Richard Daly, M.D. -  Office: 717-741-4641


Team Dermatologic Consultant:           

 Stanton Lebouitz -  Office: 717-741-0811


Available Services:

  1. 1. The Athletic Training Room is located on the West end of the Grumbacher Sports & Fitness Center.  As you come in the entrance we are the first door on the left.  A welcome desk attendant will guide you to your locker room and the athletic training room is across the hall in RM190.
  2. The following items will be available during your visit:
    1. Water Coolers.
    2. Water Bottles and/or Cups
    3. Ice and Ice Bags.
    4. Hydrocollator.
    5. Warm and Cold Whirlpool.
    6. Treatment Area with 8 treatment tables.
    7. AED will be on-site or can be available within 4 minutes during the competition.
    8. Therapeutic Modalities are available for ATC’s.  If your team is traveling without an ATC, modalities can be performed with documentation from your team physician or staff ATC.
  3. Please send an athletic training supply kit with your teams.  Tape, training supplies, and towels will not be provided.
  4. If your team is not traveling with an ATC or an athletic training student, and is in need of treatment, our Athletic Training Staff will handle your team’s athletic training needs.  PLEASE make arrangements prior to your team’s arrival and provide any needed supplies.
  5. The college health center is not open to anyone other than York College students.  York Hospital is 1/3 mile from the college.  All emergencies will be sent to the hospital.  All fields and courts are in direct contact with campus security for immediate ambulance access.
  6. A satellite athletic training room will be open to service Baseball, Softball, and M&W Tennis contests that occur on main campus.  The room will only provide taping and treatment tables, ice, and hot packs.  If electric stimulation and ultrasound are needed, PLEASE make sure the athletes come to our Grumbacher athletic training room to receive their treatment.

Should you have any questions prior to your competition, please feel free to contact one of the staff members.