BLOG: 2nd Round Men's Soccer NCAA Tournament vs. Amherst

BLOG: 2nd Round Men's Soccer NCAA Tournament  vs. Amherst

My name is Matt Clark and I am back on the computer giving you the latest and most up-to-date action of today's second round game of the NCAA tournament as York College is set to play Amherst College on a beautiful Sunday afternoon at 1 p.m. Please keep your attention here for more information on today's contest.

2:58 PM

York College advances to the Sweet 16 with a 2-0 victory over Amherst College. York had nine shots on goal with five corners while Amherst had one shot on goal with zero corner kicks. 

2:52 PM

The clock is running out but York's play certainly is not. Antonio Bua rips another shot at goal but a great save by the Amherst keeper. Three minutes remain in the contest.

2:46 PM

Two consecutive fouls committed by the Spartans. If anything is going to cost York in the final minutes it is going to be stupid penalties. Less than ten minutes remaining in the game and York has taken out some of their starters. 

2:41 PM

Kemal Nuspahic nearly scores his second goal of the game on yet another offensive counter by the Spartans. Nuspahic shoots the ball just wide right of the goal. There are 15 minutes remaining in the second half and both team seem to be getting a little bit more physically aggressive as the final minutes are underway.

2:35 PM 

Spartan's #12 Aaron Good decides he is going to crush a ball from 35 yards out and hit it off the crossbar. No big deal. 

2:29 PM

York creates another quick counter attack for themselves as they quickly work the ball forward. Ports lobs a through ball to Bua which in essence creates a corner for the Spartans. York still attacking but Amherst is creating many more chances for themselves in the second half. Under 25 minutes left in the contest.

2:25 PM

Amherst created a solid chance for themselves with a long throw into the box but nothing brewing. York then counters with a deep clear but the Lord Jeff's keeper beats the Spartan attacker to the ball. York need to keep their head, play possession, and avoid turning the ball over in order to seal up the victory.

2:14 PM

York starts out the second half quickly as Kemal Nuspahic creates a lane for himself directly through the middle of the field, beating what appeared to be three Lord Jeff's defenders, and tucks it past the keeper. Spartans lead 2-0 early in the second half. Lord Jeff's were forced to change their game plan and so far it has hurt them.

1:54 PM

The score at halftime is York College 1, Amherst College 0. The Spartans have recorded four shots on goal with two corner kicks. The second half ended with the Amherst coaching staff unhappy, after they were attempting a free kick and Jon Ports jumped in front of the set play. No call by the refs and both teams exit to the locker rooms. Expect Amherst put some offensive pressure in the second half as they will be forced to spread the field. 

1:49 PM

Mike O'Connell with some fancy footwork in the box that sets himself up for a shot but it sails wide right. The Spartans have had a few chances late in the half but nothing too serious.

1:35 PM

Antonio Bua comes through again for the Spartans, putting York ahead 1-0 as he scores with 15:15 remaining in the first half. Bua scored two goals yesterday and one today, giving him seven on the season. Kemal Nuspahic credited for the assist. If there was an MVP of the tournament thus far, it would be hard not to give it to Bua.

1:29 PM

Travis Williams blasts a shot from 30 yards out and hits the crossbar. Ports continues to get frustrated as they won't let him breathe by holding his shirt and doing whatever they can do to contain him. York continues to dominate possession but they have nothing to show for it. 

1:25 PM

I mean you can't really blame Amherst, Jon Ports is a nice guy, no wonder they keep following him everywhere he goes on the field. 

1:21 PM

Amherst has been playing physical and Mike Gill appeared as if he wanted none of it, waving his finger at a Lord Jeff's player after getting a little push from behind. 

1:18 PM

Possibly due to the height advantage of Amherst, York elected to kick the low corner rather than the high arching ball. To Amherst's credit they have been playing well defensively but have failed to create any real offensive threats.

1:11 PM

Not really sure why, but the Amherst goalie elected to hold the ball for 20 seconds before kicking it and then was nearly called for a handball the next time he touched the ball by almost punting it with his body outside of the box.

1:04 PM

Little scare as Ports goes down early but he is up and appears fine. From early observations, Amherst seems to have similar strategies as Cazenovia, they are packing the box defensively and seem to have the majority of their players behind the ball at all times. 

12:50 PM

Really does this weather get any better for a soccer game? I feel like I am in San Diego, sunny and 70. Everything is in place for a good one as York defeated their opponent 6-0 yesterday while Amherst won by a score of 4-0 in first round action play on Saturday. The players are taking the field and the fans are beginning to surround Graham Field.